Bilkent Composition @ Sesin Yolculuğu

Please join us on Saturday May 12th for our concert during the Sesin Yolculuğu weekend. 5 of our works will be performed by highly talented Bilkent performers. 3 of those pieces have already been performed during our last concert. You can find the recordings here. Ece’s piece, Dilsiz Öyküler is already in Duo Sonant‘s repertoire. And Mert Moralı will also have have his trio premiered at Sesin Yolculuğu.
Ece Merve YÜCEER (d. 1988) – Dilsiz Öyküler  (flute and guitar)
Mert KOCADAYI (d. 1989) – Yaylı Dörtlü için Müzik (String quartet)
Mert MORALI (d. 1992) – Caput Mortuum (alto flute, viola and piano
Aida SHİRAZİ (d. 1987) – Dark Night ( violin and violoncello)
Kerem TUNCER (d. 1997) – İki Keman için Minyatür (2 violins)
Violins: Yağız ERARSLAN, Muhammetjan SHARİPOV
Viola: Dinç NAYAN
Violoncello: İrem İlayda CANDURAN
Flute and Alto Flute: Cem ÖNERTÜRK
Piano: Cem TÜRKAY
Guitar: Ceren BARAN

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