Convergence New Music Ensemble @ Bilkent

Please join us for a very special event. Convergence Ensemble will be our guests on coming Wednesday (Oct. 17th), accompanied by world renowned conductor Thomas Herzog and soloists, Matthias Arter and Ernesto Molinari. This will truly be a unique event where you will be able witness some of the finest examples of contemporary music as well as music by young composers composed for this occasion.

Ivan Pakhota: Lilith for ensemble (2012)*
Martin Jaggi: Strom for Oboe and Piano (2010)
Darja Andovsko: A/E/SPERA for bass clarinet and ensemble (2012)*
Stefan Wirth: Vitruvius Teutsch for ensemble (2008)

Michael Jarrell: Assonance II for bass clarinet (1989)
Santa Buss: Calligraphie abstraite (Hommage a Georges Mathieu) for ensemble (2012)*
Ernesto Molinari: Sfumato for clarinet solo (2011)
Emre Sihan Kaleli: [no.9:1] nineteen thoughts on an oboe concerto (2012)*

Matthias Arter (oboe)
Ernesto Molinari (clarinet/bass clarinet)
Thomas Herzog (conductor)


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