Bilkent Yeni Müzik Günleri 2013

“Living music and music for the living”
This year Bilkent New Music Days will be featuring two works that are specially written for this event. As Bilkent Composition Program, we are always dedicated to producing concerts of contemporary music that are a sensuous, evocative and challenging experience for performers and audience members alike. Come and be among the first to hear cutting edge new works by today’s composers!

April 17, Wednesday 20:00, Bilkent Konser Salonu
Cem Önertürk: Flute
Cem Güngör: Trombone
Ceren Baran: Guitar
Gamze Kırtıl: Piano
Kandemir Basmacioglu: piano (Crumb)
Nazlı Avcı: Violin
Gözde Yaşar: Violoncello
Orhun Orhon: Conductor

TrioNeo (Crumb)
Cem Önertürk: Flute
Kandemir Basmacioglu: piano
Gözde Yaşar: Violoncello

Yiğit Özatalay: Kesişen Hayatlar (fl, trb, vl, vcl)*†
Murat Çolak: Razorblade (for ensemble)*†
Tolga Yayalat: Gravity Well (for trombone and piano)†
Onur Türkmen: Leyl (for piano trio)
George Crumb: Vox Balaenae for 3 masked players: electric flute, electric cello & electric piano

* commissioned by Bilkent Cmposition for the New Music Days 2013
† World premiere

There’s a pre-concert talk at 19:30 in room 242

April 17, Wednesday 20:00, Bilkent Konser Salonu
Seminar: Murat Çolak, composer 

April 19th, Friday 20:00, Tiyatro Salonu
Electronic Music

Güloya Altay: Horn

Mehmet Can Özer: Yansımalar VI (2011) – Repente (2013)
Gökçe Altay: Boruzen (for horn and electronics)
Murat Yakın: Deep in Soul – Stress Ball – Planet X
Can Karadoğan: Altın Kafes – Rebap Hanım ve Yıldızlar



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