Mark Andre’s visit

Mark Andre at Bilkent University

On February 19th and 20th, Bilkent Composition at Music Department hosted one of the most respected figures in the world of contemporary classical music, the French/German composer and composition professor at Dresden Music University, Mark Andre. In the framework of this residency, performed in collaboration with “Goethe Institut, İstanbul” Professor Andre presented two of his compositions titled as “Üg” (for ensemble and electronics) and “Hij2” (for 24 singers and electronics). These seminars concerned the musical and extra-musical forming ideas of the pieces, as well as the compositional processes and techniques employed by the composer regarding each of them. As a composer, Professor Andre concentrates on concepts such as the attitude and transformation of sound through space and time, which is executed by meticulous analysis of sounds and categorizing them according to their identical and distinctive attributes. Regarding the before-mentioned pieces, “Compositional interstice as sound/time category” and “Compositional breathing as transcendental transformation” were respectively the titles of the seminars, announced by the composer.

In addition, the students of composition department had the opportunity to take private lessons with Professor Andre that included energetic and instructive discussions on their formerly written works in a warm and friendly environment.

The visit of Professor Mark Andre to Bilkent Composition at Music Department was an exemplary and inspiring event with cordial interaction between the participants and the composer. The Music Department will be hosting other prominent figures of contemporary classical music in the near future.


Aida Shirazi, alumna of Bilkent Composition


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