Bilkent University Studio for Electroacoustic Music


Bilkent University Studio for Electroacoustic Music (BUSEAM) has been founded on the premise of providing a place for experimental music creation and production as well as a forum for research into emerging creative technologies. The studio aims to extend Bilkent’s strong connection to technology and innovation into the field of music. It will serve as a hub for collaborative work between different departments and fields. The music department will offer two consecutive courses (MSC 487 and MSC 587) to students in all departments who would like to experiment with sound and expand their artistic toolkits. 



  • Mac Pro Computer
  • RME Fireface UC Audio Interface
  • Behringer x32 Digital Mixer
  • Mackie MK824 Speakers (x10)
  • JBL LSR 310 S Subwoofer
  • Zoom H6 and H4n Portable Recorders
  • Zoom H3 VR


Novation Bass station II analogue synthesizer Roland A33 Midi Controller (88 Keys) M-Audio Midi Controller


  • Neumann KM184 x2
  • AKG C1000s x2
  • AKG Perception P420
  • Behringer C2 x2
  • SM 57 x2


  • Ableton Live 10 Reaper
  • Max 8
  • Ircam Forum (Audiosculpt OpenMusic Spat Modalys Orchid)
  • iZotope RX
  • Waves Platinum Plugins
  • FabFilters
  • Metasynth
  • Reaper
  • Logic Pro X
  • Final Cut Pro
  • GRM Tools
  • FLUX Spat Revolution
  • FLUX Ircam Studio
  • IEM Ambisonic Tools
  • Sound Particles – Energy and Brightness Panner
  • Various other plugins (Cable Guys, Soundhack, Eventide Anthology & H9, Puremagnetik Spectral Tools etc.)

Studio Sign-out