Convergence New Music Ensemble

October 17th, @8PM Bilkent Concert Hall

Ivan Pakhota: Lilith for ensemble (2012)*
Martin Jaggi: Strom for Oboe and Piano (2010)
Darja Andovsko: A/E/SPERA for bass clarinet and ensemble (2012)*
Stefan Wirth: Vitruvius Teutsch for ensemble (2008)

Michael Jarrell: Assonance II for bass clarinet (1989)
Santa Buss: Calligraphie abstraite (Hommage a Georges Mathieu) for ensemble (2012)*
Ernesto Molinari: Sfumato for clarinet solo (2011)
Emre Sihan Kaleli: [no.9:1] nineteen thoughts on an oboe concerto (2012)*

Matthias Arter (oboe)
Ernesto Molinari (clarinet/bass clarinet)
Thomas Herzog (conductor)

*world premieres

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