19-24 September 2023
Janßen-Deinzer – Chen Residency
Nina Janßen-Deinzer – clarinets
Payee Chen – voice
The dynamic clarinet-voice duo will rehearse and perform Bilkent student pieces


24 – 30 April  2022
Reverberation Percussion Trio Residency
German-based percussion trio will be in residence in late April to rehearse and record student pieces. They will also give a concert with their own repertoire.

7 -8 January 2022
Studio for Electroacoustic Music Concerts
A 2-day event with concerts of multi-channel works, workshops and seminars.

27 September – 1 October 2021
Sinfonietta Recording Project
Pieces by Arda Turhan, Kristina Golubkova, and Deniz Aslan will be recorded


23-27 November
ensemble XX. jahrhundert
Viennese ensemble exxj will be in residence to perform music by Bilkent Composers specially written for them. The concert will be on November 27th, Friday at the Bilkent Concert Hall.

Concert Program Booklet

Seminars 2020-21


21 NovemberChaya Chernovin
27 NovemberÖzkan Manav
4 DecemberAlexander Schubert
11 DecemberGordon Kampe
18 DecemberMurat Colak
25 DecemberKaren Keyhani

Al seminars are online through zoom. If interested please drop an e-mail to for zoom meeting information.


3-6 October and 15-18 February
Amy Salsgiver-Müge Hendekli Duo
Members of Hezarfen Ensemble, percussionist Amy Salsgiver and pianist Müge Hendekli will be in residence between October 3rd and 6th. On the 3rd of October they will present a concert of their repertoire and on the 6th of October, they will perform Bilkent Composition students’ pieces written for them. Both events will be at Bilkent Concert Hall.

20-23 October
Oerknal Residency
Dutch ensemble Oerknal will be in residence on 20-23 October 2019. They will work with Bilkent student composers. The concert of the residency will take place on 23rd of October at Bilkent Concert Hall.

25-27 December
Goepfert / Winston Duo
Trombone-Electric Guitar Duo will be in residence on 25-27 December 2019.

Seminars 2019-20


14 February
Multimedia and performative music, listening & discussion

21 February
Birdbrains – Amy Salsgiver & Müge Hendekli Duo post concert discussion

28 February
Arda Turhan and Emre Eröz, Composers Colloquium

6 March
Artun Çekem – Applications of Speech in Spectral Music

13 March

20 March

27 March

3 April
Arda Yurdusev – Cultural Identity in Contemporary Music through Traditional Japanese Music and Toru Takemitsu

10 April
Onur Türkmen – Definition, History and the Future of Concert Music

17 April
Deniz Aslan on his music

24 April
Aida Shirazi on her music

8 May
Engin Dağlık – ‘Some Useful Tools in the Midst of Lock-down”

15 May
Kristina Golubkova on her music


4 October
Jason Hale on contemporary theatre

11 October
Mert Moralı on his music

18 October
Yiğit Aydın on Post-Kagel music

25 October
Oerknal Residency composers seminar

1 November
Mehmet Ali Uzunselvi on his music

8 November
Can Bilir on his music

15 November
Sesin Yolculuğu composers seminar

22 November
Artun Çekem “Harmonic & Structural Analysis of Agata Zubel’s ‘Cascando'”

29 November
Mark Prihodka “Self-Management and Entrepreneurship of the Arts”

6 December
Selçuk Göldere on contemporary dance

13 December
Arda Turhan on his music

20 December
Kristina Golubkova on her music

27 December
Kevin Fairbairn

Past Seasons


9 November
Can Aksel Akın seminar

21-22 November
Cymin Samanwatie & Anatolian Wind Quintet Workshop & Open Rehearsals

23 November
Ian Power seminar

7 December
Onur Yıldırım seminar

14-15 December
Jack Adler-McKean & Stefan Pohlit Residency

3 January
Zeynep Toraman: High Windows, Narrative Folds – The Music of Zeynep Toraman

1-4 February
Garth Knox & Diamanda La Berge Dramm Residency

22 February
Konstantinos Vasilakos: Live Coding Boot Camp

26 February
Juliana Snapper: Contemporary Voice: Recovering an abandoned modernist project

5-10 March
Hezarfen Ensemble Residency, concert of student pieces on March 10th

5-10 March
Prof. Eun-Hwa Cho seminar

15 March
Prof. Shih-Hui Chen seminar

22 March
Etienne Haan, Mert Moralı & Dustin Zorn


11-14 November
Diamanda La Berge Dramm, Violin Masterclass

13-17 November
Mark Andre, Masterclass Week

6 January
Composers’ Concert

25 February – 1 March
Hezarfen Ensemble Residency

26-30 March
Ken Ueno Residency

4-5 May
Sesin Yolculuğu Composition Festival