Graduate / Lisans Üstü


All graduate level courses concentrate on specialized topics determined by the faculty rather than comprise general topics.

MSG 517 Tonal Music Topics and Analysis
Tolga Yayalar
This is a course concentrating on musical analysis of tonal music in the broadest sense, covering examples from the 17th century to the first decades of the 20th century. The main objective is to consider different analytical methods of musical analysis of tonal music, emphasizing introductory studies on Schenkerian and Riemannian approaches.

MSG 537 Studies in History of Western Music
Onur Türkmen
This is a course focusing on evolution of different musical genres through the history. Discussion on the genesis, development and contemporary applications of the specific genres.

Elective Courses

MSG 820 Microtonality, 3 credits
Onur Türkmen
An in-depth investigation of different microtonal usages and techniques in composition. Topics will range from just intonation to different types of extended equal temperaments. We will also examine different practical strategies developed by composers in writing microtonal music. Each student will compose a piece using techniques covered in class.






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