History of Western Music

MSC 173 History of Western Music I

Onur Türkmen
A general view of the content and frontiers of different periods in Western Music History. Music in Antiquity. The establishment of Christian Church in Europe and its effects on music. Roman Liturgy. The genesis of polyphony. Evolution of early sacred and secular genres. Ars nova. Ars subtilior. The idea of Renaissance. La Contenance Angloise. Burgundy in the Fifteenth Century. Franco-Flemish Composers, 1450-1520. The impact of Reformation. Leading composers of the late sixteenth century. Instrumental music during the age of Renaissance. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 6.
Syllabus Cource Notes:HWM I

MSC 174 History of Western Music II
Onur Türkmen
The genesis of the baroque idea. Florentine Camerata. Birth of Opera. Early baroque vocal music genres. Early baroque instrumental music genres. Development of early opera. Intermezzi. Jacopo Peri. Stile Recitativo. Monteverdi Operas. Opera in Rome, Venice and Naples in seventeenth century. Other vocal genres in the late seventeenth century. Development of keyboard music in the late seventeenth century. The evolution of sonata. Genesis of Orchestral Music during the late seventeenth century. The evolution of concerto. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 6, Prerequisite: MSC 173.
Syllabus  Course Notes: HWM II

MSC 273 History of Western Music III
Onur Türkmen
Jean-Baptiste Lully. Henry Purcell and early opera in England. Singspiel. Handel Operas. Jean-Philippe Rameau. Early eighteenth century music in Italy and France. German composers of the late Baroque. The age of enlightenment and early classical period. Italian Opera Buffa in the early classical period. Pergolesi and the Querelle des Bouffons. Opéra Comique. Ballad Opera. Opera Seria. Christoph Willibald Gluck and the opera reform. The evolution of the symphony. Haydn. The general comprehension of the classical form. Operas of the classical period. Mozart. Mozart Operas. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 6, Prerequisite: MSC 174.
Syllabus Course Notes: HWM III

MSC 274 History of Western Music IV
Onur Türkmen
Beethoven. The romantic generation. Opera trends in the nineteenth century. Beethoven’s Fidelio. Grand Opera, Opéra Comique, Operetta, Lyric Opera. Hector Berlioz. Chamber and orchestral musical innovations of the nineteenth century. Nineteenth century Italian Opera. Verdi Operas. Birth of romantic German Opera. Richard Wagner. The German, Austrian and French composers of the late nineteenth century. Romanticism and church music. French naturalism in Opera. Verismo opera. Nationalism in music and its new trends during late nineteenth century. Operas of Richard Strauss. Debussy’s Pelleas et Melisande. Credit units: 3 ECTS Credit units: 6, Prerequisite: MSC 273.
Syllabus Course Notes: HWM IV


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