Neophon Ensemble: Aleppo Dialogues

„Aleppo Dialogues“
neophon ensemble @ bilkentmusic
concert, Wednesday 28 September 2016

in the framework of „Welcoming Maqam“ event series
hosted by İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University, Ankara
bilkentcomposition + bilkentsayguncenter

Aleppo Dialogues – 1001 Sounds from the Future
a dialogue between contemporary European and Near-Eastern music


by neophon ensemble


Wednesday, 28 September 2016, 20:00-23:00, Bilkent Concert Hall


based on the legacy of Julien Jalâl Ed-Dine Weiss

including six Turkish premieres


Konstantin Heuer „An-Nahl“

Catherine Lamb „orbis ascendentes“

Klaus Lang „stein. wasser. weiss. schwarz.“

Ezequiel Menalled „The otherness“

Stefan Pohlit „Tombeau de Julien Bernard“

Arash Yazdani „Dispersion“


Tolga Volkan Kılıç, Qānūn Système Weiss-1

Osman Öksüzoğlu, Near-Eastern hand percussion


Concept und Research: Stefan Pohlit

Artistic Direction: Konstantin Heuer


neophon ensemble and Tolga Volkan Kılıç will play six new compositions for large ensemble and the custom-made qānūn of Sufi-musician and founder of the famous „Al-Kindi“-Ensemble from Aleppo/Syria, Julien Jalâl Ed-Dine Weiss (1953-2015).


During the 1990’s, Julien Jalâl Ed-Dine Weiss revolutionized the Arabic tuning system by reconciling the theories of the Middle Ages with the performance practice of various local traditions. His novel qānūn prototype is equipped with an extended supply of pitches and can be regarded as one of the most complex microtonal instruments in just intonation.


„Aleppo Dialogues“ will involve this unique instrument in a dialogue with six microtonal composers of Western contemporary music.


Six Turkish premieres will be presented, composed for the Weiss Qānūn and large ensemble, by Stefan Pohlit (Germany/Turkey), Klaus Lang (Austria), Catherine Lamb (USA), Arash Yazdani (Iran), Ezequiel Menalled (Argentina), and Konstantin Heuer (Germany).


The project „Aleppo Dialogues“ is funded by Hauptstadtkulturfonds and the Berlin Senate. The homonymous concert in Ankara takes place within the event series „Welcoming Maqam“, held between 27-28 September 2016, and the corresponding two-day residency of neophon ensemble hosted by İhsan Doğramacı Bilkent University. Apart from the concert event, „Welcoming Maqam“ consists of seminars, individual courses and group workshops, reading session for the selected compositions of Bilkent students and a public rehearsal by neophon ensemble.