Courses offered by the Composition Faculty
Techniques and Materials of Tonal Music I-IV
Orchestration I-IV
Composition I-VIII
History of Western Music I-IV
History of 20th Century Music
Polyphony and Fugue
Score Reading I-IV
Form and Analysis I-II
Post Tonal Music I-II
Traditional Turkish Music and Divan Music
Contemporary Turkish Music

Elective courses
Music of Igor Stravinsky (Spring 2013)
Music after 1945 (Fall 2012)
Vocal Music of Modal Repertoire (Spring 2013)
Advanced Sonata Theory (Fall 2012)
Composition for non-composers (Fall 2012)
Chance, Indeterminacy and Aleatory in 20th Century Music (Spring 2013)


One thought on “Undergraduate

  1. Sevgili Tolga,
    Bu derslerin üniversitedeki bağlantılarını da verelim. Her dersin içeriği belli olur böylelikle. Selamlar,

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